Feeling a Low Pressure System

Is it still OK to have an off day?
You don’t see too many people posting on social media that they are having a shit day.
Not really – and even if someone does voice their dismay online, the general consensus is that they are a whiner, they need to suck it up and shut up while they are at it.
Just keep scrolling, yes?
Social media is part of my daily life.
I don’t see people every day, so the opportunity to feel like I am connecting to the outside world is one that I embrace.
The funny thing about social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. in case you just discovered the internet today) is that it has the ability to make us very anti-social.
It is a Catch 22, really.
I use social media to connect and it gives me small pockets of connected-ness, but I am kidding myself if I think it compares to the real thing.
My social media is filtered and often-times fake.
My pictures (and pictures… and pictures… +) that I post of my kids, family, life are almost always the edited version of what happens in our day.
However, real life isn’t filtered, it isn’t edited and people see the bad angles.
Those bad angles, though- they make us real.
Real human beings with real lives and real errrrythangs.
None of us can walk around with a springtime filter pretending we were born that way.
People can see ugliness, and I don’t just mean when we haven’t put our mascara on, I mean the deep down ugliness that lives in the pit of our bellies.
We all get ugly sometimes.
I think the best part of having close REAL relationships is the fact that you can show your ugliness to someone.
There’s less of the surface falsities and more of the deep down nitty gritty.
It makes us feel more human and less like robots when we can share our darkness with someone we trust and care for.
If they see that ugliness and they remain by your side, they are going to be fine with you having an off day once in a while.
Those off days are what make us all relatable.
If we all lived like we do on social media, none of us would be able to stand each other in real life.
No one on the outside gives a rat’s ass if your mac n cheese looks perfect if it tastes like poo-poo-ka-ka.
We just have to remember that sometimes our off days are someone else’s on days.
Keep that in mind…always, but don’t let it deter you from having an off day once in a while.
This post isn’t about social media – it was a way to get to the message that in our imperfections and crappy days, we are still OK.
We are all just living – trying to make it by taking whatever the day has in store for us, even if that day includes a low pressure system that makes us feel a little big ugly.
Love Yourself,
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