Acknowledging Our Talents & Embracing Our Awesome

We are all born with unique talents and gifts. We are also all born with the ability to work hard, pursue our passions and embrace the awesome that comes with developing the talents we have ingrained in us  – that is, if we choose to put in the effort. 


How often are you told you have a knack or a gift for something that is not traditionally equated to talent?

This month I have been approached by several different people – if I were counting, I would say there were six different people who reached out to me and tell me they “loved my energy.”

I have never particularly thought of this quality of “energy” to be a gift or one of my talents. I thought it was just me being me.

Then I started thinking about how this part of me is viewed by other people. If someone is generally a very quiet person, introverted even, it is possible that they would see my extroverted-ness and expressionism as something to be admired. On the other hand, I would probably see their ability to stay focused and quiet to be the same.

I think we all have amazing gifts that we don’t focus on or we don’t consider to be talents. However, if we take a second look at them, we might be able to see how each of these things make us who we are – and that is awesome.

  • Do you have the ability to lead a group? That’s talent.
  • Are you able to organize and delegate tasks? Talent.
  • Do you love making delicious food? Yup, talent again. (And let’s be friends, OK?)
  • Can you see the amazing view and turn it into a work of art? Obviously, this is talent.
  • Are you the one who makes everyone laugh, even when they shouldn’t?  Hello? Talent. 

What kind of things make your inner-self sparkle and give you the most joy when you have done them well?

Would you be willing to take that quality or ability and develop it further into something that defines who you are?


Let’s get real for a minute.

Artistic gifts are amazing, but it is certainly rare for a person to be born able to create amazing art. Aside from the possibility of being born with a golden voice – what happens to artists is they develop a spark of interest – then they work really hard at fine-tuning their abilities.

They work really hard.

Often, this hard work is without much reward. Yes, it is fantastic to get credit for an amazing piece of work, but it isn’t really what pushes most artists to create. They make wonderful things because it is inside of them and they bursting at the seams.

The same can be said for any other talents we all might have.

I burst at the seams with my energy. It can not be helped. I am loud. I have a reactive face and mannerisms and I love getting those reactions from other people as well.

Jill Payne (Spiritual Athlete) has a great way of explaining our energy frequencies. She says each of us broadcast ourselves to the world. It is how we say hello before actually saying, “hello.” You know exactly what this means. You have met people and before you even speak to one another you can feel their vibes and how they hold and present themselves gives you a clear indication of what they are sending out to the world.

Having a loud broadcast is not something I had to work very hard for – what I had to work at was using that broadcast as a force to interact and motivate with others. My hard work was put in over the years of learning what pulled people into me, versus pushing them away. I also learned to use that energy as a positive force and not as something that seemed arrogant or irritating. And you can also imagine that the energy I have when I am feeling angry can be just as strong as the energy I send out when I am feeling happy. I had to learn to control that too – and that meant dealing with the source of anger rather than finding a place to discard it.

This is also not my only gift. We have so many unique things about us that make us valuable. Loyalty, the ability to listen, being a caring person, knowing how to fold fitted sheets – all of these things that we take the time to nurture are our talents and gifts we give to the world. We can fine tune them with hard work. We can embrace our awesome qualities and passions and turn them into parts of ourselves that make us proud and happy.

These things are the sum of our parts.

Love yourself. Let yourself cultivate and develop your passions, gifts, and talents. Be proud. Be happy and be fierce!


What part of yourself are you the most passionate about? 

Do you acknowledge your talents and embrace your awesome? 

Comment below!




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