Join us! Anxiety Talks – Part 2: “Big Dreams, Big Anxiety”

We are having another Anxiety Talks livestream next week!


Join us on Sunday, April 30th at 6:00 pm AST for a discussion on how to reach your goals, even in the midst of dealing with anxiety.  (Join us over at our Facebook Group: The Wandering Tribe.)

It can be tough for all of us to stay motivated and positive when anxiety is making us feel hopeless. So, we will be talking about how to stay focused, what steps we can take to hit targets and how to break down goals into some more manageable mini-goals.

Also, don’t forget about our Intuitive Painting and Yoga Party happening on June 18th!

Intuitive Painting & Yoga Party
Intuitive Painting & Yoga Party

If you are local to Hants County – come on out and join us for a 5-hour workshop dedicated to exploring our creativity through our emotions. There will also be a catered lunch from the folks at Conscious Catering and a Yoga session with Jade Burgess.

This is going to be an awesome day! Seats are selling and we may have the opportunity to add more seats if the interest continues to grow. Spots are $85 and you can message me for registering information.

If you are ever wondering about what events are happening at Waking Up Thirty, check out the Upcoming Events Page here. This will have an updated list of everything happening, whether it is online or in person.


I hope to see some of you join in on the discussion next week. The last live stream was viewed 57 times just within our small community of 80 or so people at the time, so I know this is a major topic that needs to be explored further. The best part is you can join in while wearing your pajamas!

Love Yourself,



If you are interested in reading about my journey with anxiety, check out this previous blog post here called “Life with Anxiety.”




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